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Hi kids, you know that fruits and Dimes Fruit Juices are healthy and nutritive, don’t you?

Now, lets learn together the magic of fruits…

“Dimes My Invention”

Come on kids, lets make a surprise to your parents and prepare a yummy and nutritive fruit juice for them. You can call this new juice as “Dimes, My





Cherry contains high amounts of Vitamin A and C that helps to refresh blood after high temperature diseases. If you drink Dimes Cherry Nectar, you can be as strong as before diseases.


Rosehip is a tank of Vitamin C and magnesium. It increases body resistance against influenza diseases, strengthens bones.


Peach has Vitamin A, B and C. It strengthens your eyes, helps for a better sleep. When you drink one glass of Dimes Peach Nectar before sleep, you can wake up rested at mornings.


 Pineapple contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C. Dimes Pineapple Juice (100%) protects us from cold and strengthens our bones.

Grape contains iron, Vitamin A and C. It increases energy and makes blood. If you drink a glass of Dimes Grape Juice (100%) everyday, you can play in fun longer than other kids.

 The iron, phosphorus and magnesium in apricot strengthens your bones. Everyday a glass of Dimes Apricot Nectar makes your growth speedy.

 There are Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 in apple. It relaxes your body, strengthens your eyes. If you drink Dimes Apple Juice (100%) everyday, you can see even far distances easily.

The Vitamin A and C, minerals of potassium, phosphorus and iron that makes you energetic and stronger against tiredness. If you drink Dimes Mango & Grape Juice (100%), you will have more energy to play longer in childrens parks.

Pomegranate contains Vitamin C, iron and potassium. With its rich vitamin-mineral values, it refreshes your body. Everyday a glass of Dimes Pomegranate Juice (100%) makes our body stronger and healthier.

 Orange is a tank of Vitamin C, protects you from cold, increases our stamina. If you drink Dimes Orange Juice (100%) everyday, you will be stronger against diseases.


Invention”.The only thing what you have to do is to mix 3 different kinds of Dimes Fruit Juices (100%) or Nectars according to your imagination. After that, you can add some pieces of ice in this mixture and drink your invention in fun. Your family and friends will like them a lot.

Here are some recipes for you…

Dimes Apple Juice(100%) ,
Dimes Pineapple Juice(100%) ,
Dimes Cherry Nectar

Dimes Grape Juice (100%) ,
Dimes Mango Juice (100%) ,
Dimes Orange Juice (100%)

Dimes Pomegranete Juice (100%) ,
Dimes Peach Nectar ,
Dimes Apricot Nectar.



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