Apple Juice protects the heart!

A research study concluded by the dietician Dianne Hyson from the USA - UC – Davis Medicine School shows that the vegetable nutrients present in apples and apple juice delayed the decomposition of the LDL cholesterol in blood (plaque formed as a result of decomposition of LDL in the blood accumulate in the arteries and subsequently cause atherosclerosis). In the 12-week clinical research study, 25 healthy adults were studied with half of the subjects eating 2 apples a day and the other half of the sample drinking 350g of apple juice. The periods of decomposition of LDL were measured before and during the diet in the study, which was carried out without any changes in the normal daily diets. It was determined that the LDL decomposition period delayed for 20% of the sample, as indicated by measurements starting from the 6th week. This research was published in the “Medical Foods Journal”. (From



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Apple Juice protects the heart!

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