Miracle of the black grape!

Some important findings have been obtained in research studies carried out on the shell and seed of the Black Grape, with many powerful antioxidants found in the skin and the seeds. Most are flavonoid and non-flavonoid fenolic components (Such as catechin, resveratrol and lots of proanthocyanidin etc). With these characteristics, the “Black grape Extract” found in the black grape and its seeds have started to be used in nutritional products, medicines and drugs and in various beverages.

According to the research carried out:
• Black grapes prevent LDL oxidation in blood, preventing the formation of bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of coronary hearth diseases.
• According to the London Cancer Research Institute, black grapes reduce tissue-scar signs formed after radiotherapy applied to tackle breast cancer.
• Black grapes help curtail signs of ageing and brown marks on the skin.
• They protects the health of the digestive system through the development of the good bacteria named bifidobacterium. Fruit Processing-with the permission of Confructa Medien (From Meyed.org.tr)




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