Do we know what we drink?

The fruit juices and similar beverages are divided into three groups, according to the fruit content contained, based on international standards and the Turkish Food Codex; fruit juice, fruit nectar and fruity beverage. However, some companies take advantage of a lack of consumer awareness and show fruit flavored and powdered beverages products as one of these groups, and bring them to the market in this form.

Fruit Juice (100%)

This is the beverage group where the fruit content is 100%. It is produced without using any additives. Dimes Apple, Orange, Grape, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Grape & Mango, Grape & Rosehip and Tomato Juices are some of the products included in this group.

Fruit Nectar

This is the beverage group where the fruit content is between 25-99%, according to the type of fruit. According to the Food Codex, orange nectar contains 50%, peach nectar contains 45%, apricot nectar contains 40% and sour cherry nectar contains 35% fruit. The nectars are the liquid concentrate with the most widespread consumption all over the world with its natural characteristic and easy drink. The annual average consumption quantities per person are approximately 42 litres in Germany, 30 litres in the USA and 8 litres in Turkiye.

Fruity Beverage

These are refreshing products which contain at least 10% fruit content, and are completed with the addition of sugar and water. There are no fruit beverages among the Dimes products. Fruit Flavored Beverage These are beverages which contain less than 10% fruit content and are produced with coloring, aromas and other additives. There are not any fruit flavored beverages among the Dimes products.

Powdered Beverage

This is the beverage group produced with the flavoring, odor and coloring additives and consumed after being mixed with water. There are no powdered beverages among the Dimes products.



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Do we know what we drink?

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