Mustafa Vasfi Diren, our founder, graduated from the Bursa Agricultural College as an agricultural technician. He served in large private plantations and agricultural state enterprises until 1958.




Believing that economic improvement depends on industry related to agriculture and agriculture, Mustafa Vasfi Diren stepped up his work in this field. By generating increased value from Turkiye’s existing agricultural resources and for the purpose of distinguishing this value to the Turkish economy, he founded Dimes.




Having broken new ground in the food sector, Dimes has become the “first fruit juice producer in Turkiye”.





The fruit processing and filling unit at Dimes’ Tokat plant was automated. The land in Kemalpasa was purchased for the Izmir Plant, which was to open up Dimes to the world.





Dimes renewed its production plants and a modern production plant established on 33,500 m² of land, functioning in a 16,000 m² outdoor area and a cool storage unit with a 3,000 ton storage capacity entered into service.



The use of cardboard packaging for fruit juices started in 1990. In 1994, Dimes obtained the TSE (Turkish Quality Institute) certificate for all of its products, ensuring that its products met Turkiye’s official quality standards. Dimes never made any sacrifice in the quality of its products and in 1999 we obtained the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System Certificate. Dimes has always set its goals for the progress of regional production and the progress of the Turkish economy. In 1995, Dimes included milk processing and filling units in its investment schedules in a step towards redeveloping cattle breeding for milk in the Middle Black Sea Region – a region that was then struggling – and also with the aim of preventing migration away from the area, and the company started producing dairy products in the same year.Dimes founded the Nobel Marketing Limited Company to manage the sales and marketing processes more actively.



Dimes achieved yet another milestone with the opening of a factory completed in a very short space of time in the İzmir Kemalpasa Industrial zone. This plant is featured among the top ten fruit juice producing plants in the world in terms of its technical facilities.


Dimes leased the Kozova Agricultural Enterprise, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture, located on a 5,415 acre plot of land in the Turhal suburb of Tokat as the majority shareholder, with a 25% share participation of Tigem (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises) for 30 years, under the name of the “Kazova Vasfi Diren Agricultural Enterprise” and thus becoming the first establishment to work in cooperation between the public and private sectors.



We launched the first screw-capped cardboard packaging and produced the first “Citric acid-free (E330)” fruit juice. We became the leader of the fruit juice and nectar market in Turkiye. We were awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental management and HACCP certificates and therefore proved once more that we produce according to global standards. We became first brand when the issue is fruit juices within a short time with our brand communication projects. We produced the first functional fruit juice and the first light juice in Turkiye.


We became the first Turkish fruit juice brand to export to 53 countries in the world. At the end of 2005, we co-opted a plant in Taşlıçiftlik, Tokat situated in a 41,000 acre plot of land. After integrating this plant into our system, we started processing fruit in this plant in 2006. We realized Turkiye’s first production of pure pomegranate juice and grape juice in cardboard packaging.According to statistics announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO) in August, Dimes reached 190th place in the list of 500 industrial giants, up 98 places from its position 7 years previously.


With the new investments, Dimes continues its production process at its plants in Izmir and Tokat on a total of 146,000 m² of land, of which 60,000 m² is enclosed. We have the capacity to produce 300,000 tons of fruit juice, 120,000 tons of milk and dairy products and 80,000 tons of fruit processing each year. We qualified for the “Fast Fish” award in food sector.



According to research published in the May 2007 edition of the Capital Magazine by the Brand Finance & Brand, the Dimes brand was the most valuable brand in the soft beverages category. We expanded the range of our products from 15 in 2006 to 23 products in 2007, and were the first company to produce quince nectar in Turkiye. Additionally, we placed this product in the functional drinks category, the first fruit juice suitable for consumption by diabetics to be launched in Turkiye.


Dimes Azerbaijan Factory, which is Dimes’s first foreign facility investment started operations, and shipments to countries in the region were started to be made from here. According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) data announced in July of 2008, Dimes rose to the 238th position in the 500 Industry Giants in Türkiye listing. Found to be worthy of Consumer Award in the hygiene and quality category by the Consumer Dialogue Association. Renewed fruit juice packaging in order to carry the natural quality of its products over to its packages as well. Collected functional products that bring extra benefits under the Dimes Life category and started to produce these products in 750 ml. carton packaging.


Rose to the 38th position from the 80th position in Capital Magazine's “Türkiye's Most Valuable Brands” survey and became the most valuable brand in Non-alcoholic Beverages Category. Dimes Milk's brand and package design was renewed and the new milk brand became “Dimes Çiftlik Yolu/Dimes Farm Road”. Added Dimes Life Peach-Red Carrots Nectar, Türkiye's and Europe's first fruit juice helping to lower cholesterol levels, to the functional products group. Added Lemonade and Ice Tea to the product portfolio with the Dimes Buzz brand. Increased the number of countries exported to with the Dimes brand to 73.


Dimes Life Red Carrot & Peach Nectar” has won “The Most Innovative Product of Turkey” award in Sial d’Or Competition. It has also received “Durable Light Bottle Competence” award in Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition. It has ranked 296th among 500 industry giants.




Introduced Buzz product group, Dimes Domino products for children and in traditional flavors category Dimes Hasbahce Osmanlı Şırası to the market. Has hit the shelves with new designs of Premium and Nectar product groups after the packaging relaunch in December. Has won “Anatolia’s most profiting company” In Anatolia 500 research organized by Fortis Bank Türkiye and Ekonomist Magazine. Rose to 250th rank among Türkiye’s 500 industry giants. Increased the number of export countries to 93.

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