Benefits of Fruits

The interest in red carrot is not in vain

It is commonly known that the homeland of carrot is Central Asia and Near East and it was grown in Afghanistan 600 years ago. At that time, carrot was purple and had a rough structure. Its initial appearance in China was in the 13th century and the 14th century in Europe. Orange carrots were developed in the Netherlands in the 17th century as they gave their color to the food to which they were added.


Benefits of Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices are Indispensable with the Energy, Vitamins and Minerals Contained!

Fruit juices are an important source of energy with the carbohydrates contained. These are the indispensable nutriments for our children for the minerals and vitamins in particular. The vitamins have vital importance for our bodies and are not synthesized in our bodies, which should be taken from outside have important contributions in many chemical events which are formed in our cells.


Why Should We Consume Fruit Juice and Nectars?

The consumption of fruit juices and nectars is the most important weapon in the war against cancer and heart attacks and in tackling old age, something which is described as “anti-aging” in particular. It is necessary to follow a diet which is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, particularly in your fundamental nourishment habits in order to achieve success in this war.


Nourishment Rules

 Golden Rules in Nourishment

- Your metabolism falls by 35% when you skip meals. This means storing fats.
- Eat your meals slowly and with small bites.
- Choose foods with high nutrition values and low carbohydrate.
- Eat less fatty foods. Consume foods high in fibre.



Importance of Balanced Nourishment

Maintaining a healthy life, both physically and psychologically, for the individuals that comprise the community depends on sufficient and well-balanced nourishment. Sufficient and well-balanced nourishment is possible by completely meeting the nutrients which are necessary for the life and working of the body. First, our body decomposes foods which we consume into the building blocks and uses them for the certain activities according to the related requirements.


10 Fundamental Rules for Healthy Nutrition

1-Various food groups should be used in balanced nutrition.
2-The calorie quantities of the foods consumed is important.
3-Meal numbers and intervals between meals should be arranged properly. Breakfast should not be neglected.



Fruit Juice Production

Drinking Fruit Juice is Easier than Eating Fruit for Children

We should pay a great deal of attention to the following points while giving fruit juice to our children. The same fact is also valid in consuming the fruit juice for ourselves.

1- Please read the writing on the box. The expression of “Fruit juice” should be written only on 100% products. Ensure that the product which you will give to your children to drink is called “Fruit Juice” or “Nectar”. In particular the products having pulp (such as peach, apricot etc.) and having high acidity (sour cherry) could be consumed as “Nectar”.


When Buying Fruit Juices …

The expressions which are written on the packaging in the fruit juices and nectars tell you what kind of product you purchase at the first instance. All products are required to carry the product name, producer company and its address, the contact information of the producer company, details of the product ingredients, production and the best before dates, storage conditions, net weight of the product, table of nutrients and the production permission date and number and barcode, which are compulsory


The Journey of Fruit Juice...

It is necessary to know how fruit juice is produced in order to understand the values of the fruit juices, which are among the most important food items on your table. The manufacture process starts with agriculture, continues with cultivating saplings and trees and continues with the fruit production and harvest, and then the method of harvest, carrying to the enterprise and processing in compliance with its related technique and obtaining the concentrated fruit juices and pulps.


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