10 Fundamental Rules for Healthy Nutrition

1-Various food groups should be used in balanced nutrition.
2-The calorie quantities of the foods consumed is important.
3-Meal numbers and intervals between meals should be arranged properly. Breakfast should not be neglected.
4-The daily protein requirement should be satisfied.
5-Only a limited quantity of fatty foods should be consumed.
6-Only a limited quantity of sugary and sweet foods should be consumed.
7-Special attention should be given to the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.
8-Only a limited amount of salt should be consumed.
9-The body should not be left without water.
10-The nutrient losses should be kept to a minimum when the foods are prepared, and the activities which may damage health should be avoided.

The resource of the fundamental nutrition elements which are necessary for life is our food. It is possible to lead a healthy life for many years if you consume food that provides sufficient nutrition to the body and an appropriate balance, and with the correct quantity. However, in the event of sustained insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, a deterioration in our health is unavoidable. Every individual knows his own body in the best manner. Accordingly, it should be our priority to lead a healthy life in accordance with the fundamental rules of the healthy nutrition, by taking the fundamental nutriment groups into consideration.



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